The Maine Association of Realtors
The Maine Association of Realtors endorses Sue’s candidacy.

National Rifle Association (NRA)
The National Rifle Association endorses and awards an A to Sue Austin.

The Sportsman Alliance of Maine (SAM)
The Sportsman Alliance of Maine Political Action Committee endorses and awards the highest grade of A to Sue’s candidacy to the Maine Legislature.

National Federation of Independent Business
The National Federation of Independent Business voted to endorse Sue Austin
to the Maine House.


As an avid outdoors enthusiast I support and endorse Sue Austin. Sue has shown her support for hunting and fishing in Maine in multiple ways. My family and I have been attending the ‘Hooked on fishing, not on drugs’ event held at the Pineland center for the past six years. Not a year has gone by that Sue was not in attendance. In addition to working with the Gray-New Gloucester Optimist Club, she has also shown her support of the Department Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, and the Department of Conservation by actively participating in……

*improving the safety of playground equipment at Bradbury State Park

*supporting the multi-use of local areas, keeping access available for hunters

*working with the Maine WLP in protecting and rehabilitating our wildlife

*The Pineland ‘Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs’ Derby and the ‘Crystal Lake Ice Fishing Derby’ for the local children

Sue is a strong advocate for hunters, anglers, trappers, gun owners and all sportsmen. She understands the importance of maintaining a healthy Depart. Of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and firmly believes in keeping our Youth involved in Maine’s great outdoor sports. Through her efforts, over the course of Sue’s service in the Legislature, she has been endorsed by both the NRA and SAM.


“Sue is a fiscal realist and advocates
prioritization of government spending
and efficient use of resources…”

-Elaine and Larry Szendrei
Gray, Maine

“I first met Sue Austin 30 plus years ago while she
was leading a La Leche League group of mostly
new mothers. It was during this important time in
my life I realized her traditional values and commitment
were to children, family, community and environment…”

-Christine Watkins
Gray, Maine

“When she served as the Representative for House
District #109 (Gray/North Yarmouth), her support for
small businesses and the taxpayers of Maine was unyielding.
Sue exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness.
I am confident that she will use those qualities to create a
better balance between the citizens of Gray, Raymond, Casco
and Frye Island and our government in Augusta…”

-Darla Hamlin
North Yarmouth, ME